What would you do with a diagnosis?

This has got to be up there with the funniest things doctors have said to me regarding my ‘mental health.’ I’ve not had a totally joyous experience with doctors and what I like to refer to as my quirkiness. Today I went to the doctors because I’m a bit mad at moment and I would quite like to know what it is that has been festering in me. I said, I would like to see a psychiatrist, (the audacity) and I would like a diagnosis. I was met with the hilarious response above; ‘what would you do with a diagnosis?’ OH I DON’T KNOW. Maybe I’d dress it up, take it for long walks in the park, watch mid-nineties Hugh Grant films with it, go and get matching tats with it, I don’t know. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT?! Thankfully I did not response with sarcastic vitriol. I said something vaguely like, I’d like to get better you know, and I can’t do that until I know what’s wrong with me. What would I do with a diagnosis? The very cheek of it.